A Multilayered Love Story - With Recipes

Stephanie Smith is a journalist, author and founder of the food and romance blog 300sandwiches.com.

Stephanie founded 300Sandwiches.com in July 2012, after her then-boyfriend Eric, issued a playful challenge: he would ask her to marry him if she made him 300 sandwiches. She took him up on the offer. Then, she launched 300sandwiches.com, a blog tracking their relationship as she made her hungry boyfriend all 300 sandwiches.

She wrote “300 Sandwiches: A Multilayered Love Story, with Recipes” to detail the love story between her and Eric, and the journey between her and her now fiancé, her family and herself as she made hundreds of lovingly made sandwiches. This is Stephanie’s first book.

Stephanie is a seasoned reporter and writer, having covered topics from personal finance, fashion, media, celebrity and music for publications including The New York Post, Women’s Wear Daily, Money, Mediaweek, Vibe, People and Playboy.

Since 2009, Stephanie has covered celebrity news for the New York Post’s Page Six column.

A Chicago native and graduate of Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Stephanie resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her soon to be husband, Eric.

Fun facts about Stephanie:

  • She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, where in high school she was part of the 1995 State Championship badminton team and the 1996 third place state badminton team.
  • Her first freelance assignment writing for Playboy magazine while an undergrad at Northwestern University. For the record, the assignment did not involve taking off her clothes.
  • Stephanie was part of a dance company in college, in between working as a band promoter and a waitress at a coffee shop, and was invited to try out for the Chicago Bulls cheerleading team, the Luvabulls, while in college. She declined.
  • After college, Stephanie worked as a reporter at Money magazine, writing about stocks, mutual funds and CEOs. Her portfolio at the time was barely large enough to buy a bottle of wine.
  • She covered fashion and media at Women’s Wear Daily for nearly five years. Perks of the job included free magazines, tickets to fashion shows and e-mail addresses for the top writers and magazine editors in the industry. Ironically, her favorite designer at the time was Target—leggings and a flannel shirt comprised her favorite street style look.
  • After WWD, she landed at the New York Post’s Page Six column, writing about celebrity news, gossip, relationship, babies, breakups, investments and the like. One memorable on the job experience–Lindsay Lohan throwing a pair of house keys at her in a dark nightclub.
  • She is obsessed with Peanuts, and can recite all of the words to “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”
  • Her favorite foods include pecans, avocados, mint chocolate chip ice cream, pad thai and sushi. Not at once.
  • She has an electronics hoarding problem, where she is incapable of throwing out old cell phones, iPods, radios and televisions in a timely fashion, often holding onto them for years hoping they will eventually work again or that I should hold on to them for fear someone will find out about her love of bad 80s dance music.